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"A quest of the ages"





A Romantic Space Novel Series

It matters not what century, cosmic date, or in which galaxy you live, the ebb and flow of love/hate relationships remain a neverending constant. This is evident when four humans experience not only the intensity of heightened passion, but also the darkened depths of despair while on a colonization mission on Planet Zarcon.  For Lander, Dray, Cally, and Avria, the situations in which they find themselves create a reality involving these elements that lead them in new directions.

Even though the four think their actions and behaviors are spontaneous and coincidental, they are mistaken.  Unbeknownst to them, an alien being, who is their Life Guide, has manipulated their every move since they were born.  Through telepathy, this Cementaurian has worked diligently to structure the lives of her charges toward a Quest that has been in the making for centuries. The task is difficult for everyone involved, especially when battling the human flaw of free will.  Each time Miurtiese's charges succumb to its power, she is unwavering in guiding the individuals back on their preordained path - no matter the cost.

Circumstances change all the time as Lander finds out when finding himself in trouble and separated from his friends and the woman he loves. Being away from one set of problems, though, does not mean he is safe.  It only means new issues and new acquaintances arise to further complicate his life.  As Lander deals with his demons millions of miles away, Dray, Cally, and Avria deal with theirs, finding it hard to cope at all.  Emotions play into everyone's present which affect the way their futures play out. For one in particular, the future takes an unexpected turn that blindsides the other three.


Away from Zarcon and the jobs they love, the four find new struggles on the planets of Pilar and Arbenon.  The four discover that battles don’t always rage in the combat zone, but deep within hearts and souls.  On Arbenon, while Dray engages in a crusade to reclaim the love he treasures, Lander enters the fight of his life on Pilar when dealing with an abduction and the possible elimination of those he loves.  Never has either man known the extent to which they will go for those important to them, or the intestinal fortitude it takes to save them.

When years pass and the four age, they find that getting older does not always mean getting wiser. By living together--and apart--events bring the important things in life to the forefront in hopes of resolving many uncertainties. Adding children to the mix heightens that uncertainty, especially when two of them lead an army into battle against an unscrupulous warlord, who has been scrutinizing the activity on Zarcon for years.  The final chapter of the Quest is the start of a new beginning, but only if the warlord finds defeat in his effort to gain a very powerful asset found deep within Zarcon's core.

Love, hate, good, and one is without these qualities, including Miurtiese's charges.  Using these emotions to her advantage, Miurtiese will ensure that Lander, Dray, Cally, and Avria remain on their life path to make a difference in not only their future, but also those of millions upon millions of others, human and otherwise.  A Quest has deemed it so.


Sherlynn Muckelroy

Romance Author

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