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Enjoying life in the great outdoors

Experiences with my husband, Gary

Camping in our home away from home

Some people may describe me as a non-risk-taker, and they'd be right.  However, as I get older, I try to step out into the unknown and attempt new things (just goes to show, I CAN learn new tricks!).  Writing a book series is one of the most adventurous endeavors I've ever attempted (other than learning to ski, which I am horrible at doing).  Who would ever suspect that a simple interactive story with my grand boys would ever develop into this, but it did.

During the past decade, I have spent most of my time in Arizona and New Mexico behind a computer screen transcribing into words the movie playing inside my head.  At first, my husband of twenty-one years found my newfound career interesting, but as time went on, and I was working on edit number fifteen thousand of book one in my series, he encouraged me to get the thing published.  "It has to be perfect, Gary," I told him.  "I only get one chance to make a good first impression," and that's true.  I want my readers to enjoy the same journey I was on when putting pencil to paper (yes, I did that, too), and to do that, it is imperative that I'm not only successful in drawing them into the developing plot as it thickens, but keeping them there and wanting more.

Writing is not my only passion.  I love traveling with my husband, Gary.  Throughout our years of being in the work force, we were fortunate enough to have vacationed from California to New York, and visited the most fascinating places in between.  Add Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean to the mix, and I'd say we've made a pretty good start.  There are, however, more places to see, people to meet, things to do, and now that we are both free from the shackles of work, and own a travel trailer, we can go farther and stay longer anytime and anywhere we want. 


Family is important to both my husband and me.  Having recently moved from Arizona to New Mexico, we are now closer to them.  Though I no longer have any relatives living in my birthplace of El Paso, TX, my tie to Texas is still strong.  My youngest son along with his delightful wife and young son; my two brothers who have families of their own; and Gary's son, daughter, and sister along with their respective families live in the Lone Star State.  My eldest son and his family live in a far away land called Michigan (I've visited there and love it), and my step-grandson lives in Arizona. 

Life has brought many changes in the last few years -- some riveting, and some not so much, but I can't wait to see what the future has to offer!   I can only hope it's good news about my published series, "A Quest of the Ages", and a positive outlook on my latest historic mid-20th-century romance novel, "The Wrong Choice."  I want to welcome you to my world, and while you're here, may you have a pleasant journey wherever the reading takes you! 

At my son's wedding with my mother, June

Sherlynn Muckelroy

Romance Author

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