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"A QUEST OF THE AGES", will transport readers five hundred years into the future.  Arriving, they find themselves on Zarcon, a planet within the Visolis Solar System nestled along the inner edge of the Roma Galaxy's spiral arm.  On this unique planet, new discoveries and experiences occur - some productive and meaningful, others dibilitating and destructive.  Readers will find excitement, humor, sorrow, and tenderness as they share the lives of the characters who exist in this time and place.  Journey with them to understand what it takes to live and love in a land filled with the unexpected!
Prelude to a Quest - Book One of A Quest of the Ages Five-Book Series
Book One of Five


ISBN:  978-1508468042  --  Createspace

ISBN:  978-1944849788  --  Book Venture & Barnes                                          and Noble

As Colony Designers who work for the Creation of Planetary Colonies, I, Lander Kahn, and my best friend Dray Demong are performing an investigation on a planet recently deemed habitable by scientists.  As designers, our job is to find sites and design plans for constructing the very first buildings on the surface.  Our work is our life,  and as far as we're concerned, nothing is going to change that, however, luck (or the lack thereof) has a different opinion. When Dray makes a phenomenal discovery during our investigation, two women enter the picture.  We always considered the female gender nothing but trouble, and there is no room in our lives for the kind of emotional turmoil they bring, but bring it on they do.  Not able to resist their charms, Dray and I have no choice but to find ourselves lost in a realm neither of us are prepared for. When changes occur, we realize the danger we're in, and instantly know nothing will be the same again.

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Major Discoveries - Book Two of A Quest of the Ages Five-Book Series

Book Two of Five

Major Discoveries


ISBN:  9781502990068


The series continues with Lander Kahn, Dray Demong, Cally O'Brien, and Avria Rausch finding themselves in the thick of contraversy with one another.  No one is satisfied with how events are unfolding.  As a result, accusations are flung as anger, jealousy, suspicions, deceipt and irrational behaviors occur during their mission on Planet Zarcon. Only one entity can control the chaos unfolding with the two males and two females.  Miurtiese is a Cementaurian who has been assigned the daunting task of preparing these four individuals to play a part in a quest they know nothing about.  Only she is aware of the multitude of challenges that lie ahead for her charges.  Only she knows how to prevent some of the upcoming dangers and allow others to occur for the sake of the quest.  Lives are on the line, not only presently, but for future generations.  Two men and two women have the power to ensure Miurtiese's quest is successful, but will they make the right choices?  Only time will tell.

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The Separation - Book Three of A Quest of the Ages Five-Book Series

Book Three of Five


ISBN:  9781517501297


In this third book of the series, Dray, Cally, and Avria remain on Zarcon while Lander serves out his penalty time on Planet Pilar.  Having been found guilty of assault against his supervisor, Lander finds himself separated from his friends and true love, Cally, for the next thirty days.  Cally, Avria, and Dray find difficulty in dealing with their day-to-day lives, but Lander discovers his hometown of Carpesio is not all that bad, especially when he reconnects with his secondary school crush, Parmalee Rhin.  Everyone - no matter on which planet they live at the moment - will experience treachery from someone they call friend.        The ever present drama hovers over all four humans; and all four have no idea how their lives will be impacted because of it.

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Abducted - Book Four of A Quest of the Ages Five-Book Series

Book Four of Five



ISBN:   9781537580739


"ABDUCTED", the fourth book in the series, "A QUEST OF THE AGES", continues with heartbreak for Lander, Dray, Cally, and Avria.  Because of powers of their own making or those beyond their control, they feel the devastation and loneliness their actions create. Past loves return with debauchery on their minds while new loves grow and wilt like a flower plucked from its vine.  Emotions are out of control, and only the Life Guide, Miurtiese, can reel them in, but will she?  Before the alien intercedes, the four humans must endure certain events that will make them stronger going into the final stages of her Quest of the Ages.

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New Beginnings - Book Five of A Quest of the Ages Series

Book Five of Five

 New Beginnings


ISBN:  9781541079267


"New Beginnings", the fifth and final book in the series, "A QUEST OF THE AGES". It opens with tragedy when Dray is caught up in a life-threatening catastrophe where he is feared dead.  Not even Search and Rescue can find his body, which throws Lander into a fit of despair and rage.   His best friend’s presumed death, however, is not the only instance where Lander explodes in rage-like behaviors. Cally, too, delivers news that rips Lander’s heart to shreds, throwing him headlong into a different kind of abyss.  Disappointment reigns, and the Cementaurian, Miurtiese, must seek elsewhere for answers to a questionable future for human kind and other species within the Visolis Solar System and beyond. 

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Sherlynn Muckelroy

Romance Author

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