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Book Reviews For "Prelude to a Quest"

Below, you will find a review of my e-book, "Prelude to a Quest", from Shanon Grady on
Below is a review of my e-book, "Prelude to a Quest", from JD DeHart on  

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5.0 out of 5 starsFor those who like sci-fi...

ByJD Revieweron August 20, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I always enjoy a well-written science fiction story and Sherlynn A. Muckelroy’s Prelude to a Quest is a fine example of the genre. This book acts as a prequel to Muckelroy’s multi-volume series, A Quest of the Ages.

Muckelroy effectively sets the stage for her science fiction adventure from the beginning, writing in clear and clean prose to does not become bogged down in the hard science of her subject. There is appropriate reference here to meet the expectations of the genre, but the narrative is the clear focus.

The book recounts a space journey with some well-placed surprises and turns, and Muckelroy describes the strange new features encountered on the journey in a way that paints the images for the reader. The relationships among the characters is clearly formed as the book progresses, and the characters are relatable.

Muckelroy seems to have a clear vision for this universe. The story is told from the perspective of one of the travelers in a way that takes us there and makes the journey more personal, raising the stakes for the reader. There is plenty of otherworldly action here to keep us involved.

There is a believable voice telling us this story, even as we encounter elements of fiction we would otherwise doubt. This is, of course, a defining feature of the speculative genre when it is done well. This clear vision from the author was really what stood out to me most in reading this book, and I was fascinated by the strange features her characters encountered.

Readers of the science fiction genre will no doubt enjoy encountering Muckelroy’s work, and there is more to read and enjoy as this book is set in a larger fictional universe (this is a five-book quest). I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in reading a fine example of a space novel, and anyone interested in reading about making contact with strange new life.

Below is a review of my book, "Prelude to a Quest", from 

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